The 17th edition of the Open Days in Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics (JOBIM) will take place between June 28th–30th on the Jacques Monod site of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENSL). This conference, placed under the auspices of the French Society for Bioinformatics (SFBI), is the annual meeting of the French speaking community in bioinformatics.

The final program is available

The proceedings are available for download

The three previous editions of this conference took place in Clermont-Ferrand, Strasbourg (associated with ECCB) and Toulouse.

The themes adressed by JOBIM include:

  • Population genomics and genetics, ecology.
  • Systems biology, interaction networks.
  • Phylogeny and evolution.
  • Statistics and algorithmics for high-throughput data.
  • Structural bioinformatics.
  • Metagenomics and metabarcoding.
  • Bioinformatics for health.
  • Ressources and infrastructures.
  • High-performance computing for bioinformatics.
  • Big data visualization and representation.

Important dates are:

  • March 1st – submissions and registrations opening.
  • April 29th – submissions closing.
  • May 15th – end of registration at normal cost.
  • May 25th – authors notification.
  • June 15th – registration closing.

Moreover, four satellites events are associated with JOBIM this year:

  • The day for Young French Bioinformaticians (JeBIF), June 27th.
  • The workshop Statistics, Computing and Modelling for Oncology (SIMONCO), June 27th .
  • Seminar of the Comparative Genomics group (GTGC), July 1st.
  • The meeting of the Symbolic Systems Biology group (Bioss).

Note that the registration to those satellite is independant from the one at JOBIM.



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